Last Letter in English


Every heart is a revolutionary cell. All power to the imagination.

I lived a life and I learned a lot from everybody who became part of my life. With all I learned I made a choice: I witnessed the truth and truths, and I passed to the other pole in the dialectic of life. I wish this to be for the good. I was born as an ordinary human, and I say farewell to you as an ordinary human. I know that that I frequently let you down, sometimes acted insensitively, that I have upset you. Forgive me one last time.As an ordinary youngster due to ordinary contradictions, I made a choice, and that’s it. Above all, I made this choice for myself. I did not depart for a divine cause: I only wanted to enchant a disenchanted and reified world hand in hand with not-divine people. I learned that my contradictions cannot be overcome since these are societal contradictions and I learned that a human-being can only try to organize his contradictions and socialize them, elevating the contradictions to a higher level. This is the point in my life where I came closest to truth.As someone who was born in Soke as a fugitive, being from Duisburg and in Duisburg from Turkey and from Clauberg, and whatever I am or wherever I am from in Turkey: I do not regret anything. Each calamity in life is in fact an offered opportunity when looked from the perspective of gains. My only problem was to never grow up, never become a part of grown-ups’ world: that is, to remain a child. Now, just like Peter Pan I am going to the Neverland so as to never grow up. There could be nothing that made me happier Wishing that you will create the vanguard and rearguard organization for seeking the truth, an organization which will enchant the lives of ordinary laboring people in Western Turkey, and provide the seeds for a great ascent giving birth to ordinary heroes, Every heart is a revolutionary cell!!! All power to the imagination!!!